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First day at Southlake Village

I had my orientation day at the Southlake Village. Good old (pun) geriatrics. Yay -_-

On the bright side, my unit only has clinical on ONE day instead of the two like the other student units. Thank you, deities, for letting me have Wednesdays free! Getting up at 5 am kinda sucks though. My body isn't made for early mornings.

I'll be spending over 10 hours in the old people lockdown centre. :( I can be nice and say that the old timers are sweet and friendly (except for the barking old man) but to be honest my biggest impression is still that old people smell....pee and an indistinguishable musk.

Some other random things I want to mention:


Apple's new super slim laptop. It'll be out in a few weeks according to the news. My mouth actually watered when I saw it on TV. If only I had an extra 2 grand lying around. =3

School news!

Hiya! I'm makig a POST (finally) :D

Alright, so the holiday is over and I'm back in rez. I am placed in the long-term care unit at Southlake hospital for this semester. It's been so long since I've gone to New Market and now I'll be there for at least two days a week. I'm just trying to fathom the actual distance I'll cover in a typical week and it's staggering.

I have to clean up the tea and chicken soup I've spilled (somehow) simultaneously so that's all for now. I'll be catching up all my lj communities later.
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It snowed!

Just for a tiny moment, it snowed here. A perfect day to get my ass out of campus for groceries. :/ Lucky me...I just LOVE freezing my ass off while lugging six shopping bags through the muddy roads.

Stocked up on dessert tofu so it's all good. :)

Must cook some real food soon. The stuff I'm eating is making me sick (and fat).

I need some recipes for quick but healthy meals. Will have to shop again this weekend though. I don't even have salt in my cupboard.

Our rez is hosting a Fantasia party this month. Ladies, bring your credit cards. Hehe :D The boys will have their own movie night so they wont feel left out of the fun. If I weren't so poor, maybe I should invest in some "toys" lol

Naw, just kidding. I rather get makeup and clothes. Different kinds of pleasures for different people. ;)

With the Canadian dollar so high (or quoting the news reporter: "in uncharted territories"), it's getting harder and harder to not to spend money on some delicous international shopping.

Also, the third floor totally rocked the Halloween door decorating contest. All three winning places went to our floor. ^^ Can't wait for the Christmas contest.

(BTW, King regained our flag for pumpkin carving too. Newnham has to step up for next year.)
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I need new glasses and contacts.

Squinting my way through the week is getting old. This week has been utter crap for me. Last Friday, as soon as I knocked my glasses on the floor while putting on makeup, I knew it was all gonna go downhill.

Try imaging me feeling around the grey floor (which successfully camouflaged with the silver of my frames) with blush still in one hand and a blush brush in the another. I crawled around blind for about two seconds until I heard a loud crunch under my knee. Yep, I found my glasses.

Why does my real life resemble a scene from some sitcom? D:

I must have been too stressed to let the pissed off settle in because all I remember doing was mutter to myself.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting them replaced this weekend. That will not happen as I have stupid class on a Saturday! I also have to finish an essay by Monday. Right. It'll be another all nighter for me.

Thank god for tea.


Sunday night musings aka self pity spam before Monday

School has killed my social life and just about everything that I love. I love my res life. I love my res life. I love my res life even though the highlight of my day is going to class.

29 hours a week of class. Next semester will be 32 hours. Sad student is sad.

I maxed out my credit card on textbooks and medical equipment. Seriously. I tried buying a sweater using my Visa and was denied. x_x

Needless to say, the disposable income I used to have said here's looking at you, kid and took off for Mexico.

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Okay, enough of this DARK AURA (*cough* Kayashima *cough* Hana Kimi). Positive things:

I came downtown for the weekend. Just by being downtown I get food and love (please ignore the word order, no comment about which is more important and must be said first. Foodfoodfoodfood X3)

I finally bought that mushroom pillow that I was eyeing. I just wish my brother will stop beating the crap out it and screaming "MESO, MESO!" -_-;; It'll actually be funny if he wasn't just making fun of me.

Will be having Asian boys on my walls very soon. ^________^