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Halloween 2010, new job, moving out etc!

Too busy to log on LJ much lest post here but I wanna get this one in because the last time I posted was on October 1st and now it's November 1st. >_<

Anyway, after two months of having fun and hanging out with friends I finally received and accepted a job offer that I am satisfied with. Up until this week my future is unsure because I have been very picky with finding the right type of work. Through it all, I was also questioning the intelligence of rejecting the interviews from other places. I suppose it all worked out for the best. I am so excited to move out April or May 2011. I've paid my deposit already so there is no backing out of it.

This past weekend was Halloween as you all well know. I spent most of my Friday and Sunday at oniwitch's place. (Saturday, I had to take took my dog the groomer's.)

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Nuit Blanche photo

I am going through some files on my computer just in case it dies out on me. If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I am experiencing the vertical LCD line of death for iMACs. It's a sign that my computer or at least the screen is nearing it's time. Anyway, I figured I should post some random photos on my LJ before I lose it.

Below is a pic from Nuit Blanche 2009. We stayed up past 4am that night. I can't believe we ate pho at those inhuman hours. Getting up for work the next morning was killer.

I was sitting on the steps of the old city hall with Miso. I brought him along out of guilt for not walking him that whole day.

New Mug

Still somewhat disorganized because my planner is MIA. If it doesn't turn up in a couple pf days I will have no choice but to start a new one. In the mean time, I've been writing everything in my Pingu lined notebook.

Went shoe shopping with euphro_syne today. We came back with no shoes but awesome Starbucks mugs. I'm currently so taken with it that after I finished my Tazo Calm tea I refilled it with plain water so I can sip from it for the rest of the night. :)

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SNSD two member love post!

Now that Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) promos have ended I already miss seeing the girls. I hope their next single is just as awesome as the marine concept.

I want Taeyeon's entire outfit in this photoshoot! That includes her nummy tray of cupcakes.

Jessica is so gorgeous. Sica, it's ok if you have no aegyo.
Unni here will tell you being beautiful is enough. ;)

Sowoneul malhaebwa...

Another day goes by...how 'bout some Chinese?

今天太没什么做了。 T_T 就这吗一天放工。 早上睡到中午时间好象过了很快。 生活真无意义。小Miso狗狗也很不听话。咬了我很多次。 怎么办啊? 照片拍的好可爱,實際上一点都不可爱! 它就是一个小少爷要我做它的仆人。可恶啊!

[Really had nothing to do today. Only one day off work. Slept from morning to noon, time went by very quickly. Life is meaningless. Miso does not listen to me. Bit me several times today. What do I do? He is only cute in photos. In real life he is MY owner. Hateful!]


[Going without my glasses is really annoying. This is also Miso's doing. He steals and destroys important things from me. I'm usually a step late too late to stop my little thief.]