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Belated Twilight movie response

Long time no see. I was sick for about two weeks during which I just bummed around in my room and re-watched two seasons of my fav anime. (I did it huddled under a blanket and in the dark...it was therapeutic.)

I got better in time to watch Twilight on the 21st. I'm not even sure how to describe the movie. It was actually enjoyable.

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[Edit] A huge makeup haul post for my next entry. It was supposed to be part of this post but I'm lazy and this entry is long enough as it is. *pets my makeup*

Sword Butterfly movie

This TL;DR post is delving into some serious Asian-ness so many of you wont have a clue about what I'm rambling on about. I must say that I've been re-watching a ton of dramas by Vincent Jiao (the dorkiest crush I will ever admit to). Well, it puts me in a mood. =3

Anyway, the other select few who do know what's going on... *high fives* ^_^

If you're up to date with Asian media you may already be aware that a movie version of the classic Chinese tale, The Butterfly Lovers starring Charlene Choi of Twins and our favourite Fahrenheit heart-throb, Wu Zun, will be released quite soon. There have been very positive reactions since The Butterfly Lovers is without doubt one of the most beautiful stories to be told and when you throw in a few of the hottest young HK and Taiwanese stars, it's to be expected that there will be great anticipation for this film.

However, I'm gonna be a total pessimist and say that this movie is will be a complete joke.

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Second Cup, Three Month Late. Bastards

Second Cup sent me (along with some other people) an email yesterday to set up an interview. I suppose I can consider it as good news if I disregard the fact that I gave them my resume three months ago.

I will admit I am slightly tempted because their store location is so much more closer to my house. Anything to cut down on commuting time though I doubt I can work much either way when school starts...which according to the coutdown on my phone, is in 18 days. >_>

By the by, the Canadian National Exihibiton opens today. Our Toronto weather has been quite wonky for the entire day so I'm most certainly glad I am not scheduled to work. I can't say the same for my brother though. Haha poor guy has to work in an outdoor booth too.

Currently, I am bumming around the house. If I weren't so lazy I'd be at the MAC pro store on Queen street. I wanna check out if their Cult of Cherry collection is out yet. Not sure if I like the autumn shades but I wanna poke at it for fun. I have some really urgent items in my MAC wish list right now. I want the Viva Glam V Lipstick pretty badly.

[Edit] Holy smokes, I almost forgot to talk about this. The Harry Potter movie is moved to next July (boo!) but...BUT the Twilight movie is being moved up to November 21st from December. OMFGGG YEAH! YEAHHHHHH trick yeah!

Hur hur...Blond Vampire Turned Green Alien xD

So I'm watching Anna and the King cause it's on TV right now. I've always loved that movie and an itty bitty Tom Felton is just darling! To get to the point, it reminded to to post about this:

Dragonball live film.


That has got to be the most cracked up cast ever.

I am a huge fan of Chow Yun Fat and it saddens me that he is old enough to play Master Roshi. :(

Korean Movies and Dolls

I watched Cinderella (2006) a couple weeks ago. I quite liked it which is surprising since I've seen so many horror movies with simliar plots and devices that that I usually feel like I've wasted my time.

Plus there was a brief appearance of a cute BJD. <3

This takes me back to The Doll Master So. Many. Dolls. :D That movie kinda sucked because it was so low budget looking, cheesy, and the acting was bad but I have to give it up to that toilet lurker doll because it did a good job of creeping me out. Someday when I'm in a better mood I might rewatch the DVD and form a differet opinon but then again I want to go to the bathroom without the fear of life sized dolls that STRANGLE you.

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4:34 AM: Fangirling

Watched some Goong live action and went insane trying to read facial expressions. English subtitles plz. T_T

I got impatient and read the manga instead.

The king's feces is called apricot blossom. *dot eyes*

Goong manga is very a typical shoujo but I love it cause I'm girly. *sparkles and roses in the corner of the screen* ^^

I'm very happy because the last time I read manga it was xxxholic and it didn't bring out the WAFF (warm and fuzzy feelings). The anime scared me so I didn't try to watch it again. Those thin bodies in action gave me nightmares. *Teary lolita eyes*

Anyway, in Goong manga the royalties call each other "buttheads" and they allow yaoi jokes. Cousins. *smirk* Don't say buttsecks don't say buttsecks. Don't say butts...ahhh what the heck. BUTTSECKS!!11 =3

Also, patiently waiting for the English sub of episode 15 for Ouran High School Host Club. I watched unsubbed episode 15 six times. (By six times I meant I replayed the twins in bed scene over and over. Twin love. They do sleep together. I knew it! kawaiikawaiikawaiii!! *Nosebleed*)

Right now, the words are getting a little blurry on the manga I'm reading so I'm going back to watching PGSM - which reminds me that I want to watch The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift because Sailor Mars Keiko Kitagawa is in it. *Does the Mars hand sign with fire background*

[Edit] I saw the The Devil Wears Prada when others were rushing off to the see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was good. I regret nothing. :p

I do like them tall

Hayden Christensen, our Canadian cutie made it on GQ front and center. Hehe.
I like the new Anakin hair. I don't know how I will feel about Darth Vader being all boy toy though *smirk* I guess I'm not complaining seeing as how his 7 foot frame stole my heart the first time.
Can't wait for when Revenge of the Sith opens. I'll even pay attention this time...unlike for Harry Potter 3. That was just going through the motions.
Seeing it on TV the other day I was pretty much what the bloody hell?!?!. I didn't remember any of the scenes at all. -_-

[Looking at my agenda] How is it that every time I go the mall I end up with three more things on my shopping list. Logically, the list should get shorter as items get crossed off. >_

Shi mian mai fu

Saw the original Shi mian mai fu or better known as House of Flying Daggers at M's house. Very stylized, very artsy, and lots of bamboo. There were some interesting (hilarious) mistakes in the movie that are hard to miss. I'm glad I'm not the only who noticed. See three of them here. I am surprised the mistake submissions didn't include how the two men fought from autumn to fall (???)...and the fact that Zhang's character keeps coming back alive. o_O

And who can forget the "I ask you to start touching from the head but you do it from the bottom instead." (Translated from mandarin):D
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The Cell

I feel like I'll be the perfect candidate to be a bitter old lady one day. I should hope so because it could be so much worse. I don't feel like explaining and I don't know why I must explain that I don't feel like explaining. It's my own damned blog. Unnecessary pressures of the world - definitely one of the reasons why I'm going gradually insane.

I watched The Cell last night. It was the movie starring Jennifer Lopez from a few years ago. Disturbing images but I admit I am fascinated with the concept of exploring the human mind. If I looked deep into mine, what would I see? Very interesting to think about but in the end I don't want to know. I mean, what if your mind wasn't as beautiful or wholesome as you might have thought? As for the movie, women being murdered and mutilated was highly unsettling but what really bothered me was the abuse of a child. It's hard to watch.

Next on my movie list is One Hour Photo. I wanted to see it for a long time and I can spare a few hours this week. I'll comment on it in my next entry.

(Going through some layout changes. Ignore how odd it looks.)
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Yu-Gi-Oh movie

I have no energy to say too much. This was a trying day. Refer to euphro_syne if you want to read about my Yu-Gi-Oh movie trip. The anime craze is quite frightening sometimes. Read this.
I bought a Pez dispenser with Yoda's head after the movie. Pez = addiction. I need to buy some refills tomorrow.
Oh hell, the polka music playing right now outside my window is starting to annoy me. Gotta go bang head on floor.