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Nuit Blanche photo

I am going through some files on my computer just in case it dies out on me. If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I am experiencing the vertical LCD line of death for iMACs. It's a sign that my computer or at least the screen is nearing it's time. Anyway, I figured I should post some random photos on my LJ before I lose it.

Below is a pic from Nuit Blanche 2009. We stayed up past 4am that night. I can't believe we ate pho at those inhuman hours. Getting up for work the next morning was killer.

I was sitting on the steps of the old city hall with Miso. I brought him along out of guilt for not walking him that whole day.

Another day goes by...how 'bout some Chinese?

今天太没什么做了。 T_T 就这吗一天放工。 早上睡到中午时间好象过了很快。 生活真无意义。小Miso狗狗也很不听话。咬了我很多次。 怎么办啊? 照片拍的好可爱,實際上一点都不可爱! 它就是一个小少爷要我做它的仆人。可恶啊!

[Really had nothing to do today. Only one day off work. Slept from morning to noon, time went by very quickly. Life is meaningless. Miso does not listen to me. Bit me several times today. What do I do? He is only cute in photos. In real life he is MY owner. Hateful!]


[Going without my glasses is really annoying. This is also Miso's doing. He steals and destroys important things from me. I'm usually a step late too late to stop my little thief.]

Keeping pace with the internet is to live the internet.

I've drastically cut down on my online life for the past few months. Trying to catch up now is breaking my mind. The progression of the TVD CW series, Twilight New Moon tomfoolery, and of course all the fashion related communities...their combined forces are sucking my soul. @_@

Anyway, I got my first hair cut since last September. Don't bother trying to imagine how I looked like for the ladder months. I will help you with the imagery myself: mountain hag.

Currently, I'm sporting blond highlights, a side-swept fringe, and some layers. Will post pics when photobucket works again.

My dog also has grown quite a bit while I was MIA from LJ. He is a whopping 10lbs. What a fatass eh? When he sits, his rear end becomes this giant pool of furred lard on the floor. His name now is "Miso-fat".
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