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MJD flame war

This war between rabid reader and author had started last month. If MJD had just stopped responding she'll still get the last laugh and it'll all be over BUT she actually goes over the blogs in question and responds. (What a noob) Then when one blogger changes her URL MJD stalks the new place. > _ < Doh. That. Is. So. Uncool.

If I were an author in this situation I'd just ignore, ignore, ignore and leave the fucker to rant in an empty room. After all, it's not bad author etiquette to ignore the rabid rants. Those people aren't really good with the constructive criticism or even the witty (you know, with the rabies and all) so why should you, the published author, even care what a lunatic thinks? It's sad when people bitch more than an emo teenager with internet but it's even more pathetic when a published author goes over to their blog acknowledges their existence. Man, if I were MJD I'd just be "Bitch, please" and walk away.

I sympathize with MJD because no author should be attacked this viciously but I also believe she has made a few bad moves.

As for one of the bloggers, she not only evil and but total moron. Changing her URL will do nothing. She may no longer want the attention from the drama but she let her own shit the fan so she has to deal with the consequences. She has her picture on the blog. O_O Perhaps she should sleep with one eye open. There are a lot of MJD fans out there...

My conclusion: What a long entry about nothing. Who bloody cares about bloggers? Livejournal folks are snarkier and have cookies. Blogger.com sucks. Even the wittiest of entries is dampened by the ugliness of blogspot layouts. Why, authors, why? Just come over the Livejournal. T_T

[Edit] This was supposed to be an "awww MJD I still loves you" post but it came out wrong. O_O