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First day at Southlake Village

I had my orientation day at the Southlake Village. Good old (pun) geriatrics. Yay -_-

On the bright side, my unit only has clinical on ONE day instead of the two like the other student units. Thank you, deities, for letting me have Wednesdays free! Getting up at 5 am kinda sucks though. My body isn't made for early mornings.

I'll be spending over 10 hours in the old people lockdown centre. :( I can be nice and say that the old timers are sweet and friendly (except for the barking old man) but to be honest my biggest impression is still that old people smell....pee and an indistinguishable musk.

Some other random things I want to mention:


Apple's new super slim laptop. It'll be out in a few weeks according to the news. My mouth actually watered when I saw it on TV. If only I had an extra 2 grand lying around. =3

Sunday night musings aka self pity spam before Monday

School has killed my social life and just about everything that I love. I love my res life. I love my res life. I love my res life even though the highlight of my day is going to class.

29 hours a week of class. Next semester will be 32 hours. Sad student is sad.

I maxed out my credit card on textbooks and medical equipment. Seriously. I tried buying a sweater using my Visa and was denied. x_x

Needless to say, the disposable income I used to have said here's looking at you, kid and took off for Mexico.

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Okay, enough of this DARK AURA (*cough* Kayashima *cough* Hana Kimi). Positive things:

I came downtown for the weekend. Just by being downtown I get food and love (please ignore the word order, no comment about which is more important and must be said first. Foodfoodfoodfood X3)

I finally bought that mushroom pillow that I was eyeing. I just wish my brother will stop beating the crap out it and screaming "MESO, MESO!" -_-;; It'll actually be funny if he wasn't just making fun of me.

Will be having Asian boys on my walls very soon. ^________^



Watched Harry Potter IV again at euphro_syne's house. A little dizzy now from sitting in the dark and in front of a screen for too long. That combination of sushi, venti latte, and all those pastries is making me queasy and gassy. Plus the cramps I'm having today gives it a special touch of pain to add to the nausea.

Happy birthday, Mel! Your DBSK calender and post cards made you so happy it makes me smile. It's the most awesomestest photobook but a shitty calender. SRSLY. Hawk Hauc Hoc Hok(?) is so thoughtful. (Start getting your anatomy right and so Yamapi doesn't flip him off again on his birthday card. :/).

The next time you want to rob Starbucks, a "Grande" will do. Having a Venti is comparable to downing a shot of stronge booze. I'm am light headed. It's not safe to stumble home in the middle of the night like that.

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Emily wants a legit WinXP or Vista CD. Plz thank you. I wish I have some nice and productive reason for needing Windows on my Mac but I really just want to Maple.

That new "Sophie" hair is total lulz. They should've skipped the pretense and call it Rukia. XD

Night, bitches!

Tehe back from labouring.

1. Mass produced (as in making enough to feed the family for weeks) dumplings with mommy except I'm not quite as adept at wrapping as she is. Every time I fill a tray she fills three. When we were done she basically said something along the lines of what I translated as "haha I pwned you. Noob."
Once you hit a certain age, the pats on the back stop coming. T_T

2. Went to the book store. Overheard a lady talking with a store person. Apparently she was looking for a copy of the Dark Demon by Christine Feehan. The sales lady told the customer lady that she is certain there is one last copy of it in the store as confirmed by the computer catalogue. >:D I was holding it. Hehehe. I pulled a sneaky ninja and bought it. Had to clutch it to my chest a little so that they wouldn't see it as I lurk to the counter.

3. Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not yet sufficiently fashionable to produce them general favour; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.

Note to self: change bathroom read. x_x

4. Finally hit level 40 in Maplestory.

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