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Junk Food and Mini Mac Haul

I have been pretty bad the last few weeks with my eating healthy plan. I blame this on the midterms. One of these days I want to condition myself to crave carrots or celery whenever I need pick-me-up. xD

And speaking of junk food...I love sakura flavoured Kit Kats. They taste really similar to milky strawberry but with the after taste of cherries. There are some really fabulous candies and confectioneries overseas.

I am addicted to British products which fortunately are somewhat more easily available than Asian stuff. All of you people in England right now, I will totally trade in some of our Canadian ketchup chips for your prawn cocktail crisps.

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[Edit] OMG this post just reminded me about a snack I want to try. I was chatting with a friend of a co-worker weeks and weeks ago. She is from Australia and she told me about this party snack called Fairy Bread. O_O

Apparently you take Wonderbread (she was very adamant about it being Wonderbread) with crusts cut off and spread it with butter and then you top it with rainbow sprinkles. :DDDDDDDDD I don't know about you guys but I think it sounds kinda awesome.