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See? Another post like I said I will. (Am I spamming now? *obsesses*)

My co-workers are all supporting the notion of me going blond. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really going to bleach/dye my hair but it just made me smile how all my co-workers are so enthusiastic. I love the girls I work with. ♥ Zoe even pointed out that she saw a few lolitas during a shift a couple days ago. It's heart warming to know that the girls DO care about my interests. (Reminder: must to reply to Monica about planning Vanessa's baby shower.)

oniwitch, I know you called me sometime during work today but seeing as my little brother is not the the most reliable way for me to get a message, you could've just sent an email or left a note on facebook.

Going uptown tomorrow. I want Asian merchandise STAT! I need it to remind myself during my stay in prison res that life sucks a little less because the world has Korean boys.

Friday - I get off work at 10pm. I will miss all the Potter events on Bay street but I will be there in time for the actual book release on midnight. Still debating whether I want to attend. It's no fun when everyone else is too busy to accompany me.

It getting harder and harder for me to stop myself from using the monies in my paypal. *Must save for celga payment*

Otsuka Ai - I remember someone saying this quite a while ago on some forum (I is vague) and I whole-heartedly agree. She is capable of singing yet every once in a while often she releases these cutesy songs in that cutesy voice that drives me up the wall. It's obvious with the remake of Hana Kimi craze I'm referring to this as the most recent example.