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Random Asian fangirl things again.

I'm very excited for the Korean Hana Yori Dango. Kim Hyun Joong! :DDD

Speaking of Korean drama, what frightening travesty is this? Dare I watch it? I'm sure I heard about it before but it caught my eye again when I was searching for English remakes of Asian movies.

I definitely want to see this on the other hand. Emily Browning is in it which a plus for me. Not to sound like a creepo but I can't stop obsessing over young female actresses. xD

I've been craving this particular dish (hwae dop bop) for weeks. I still have not had a chance to get it. It's driving me crazy because the craving is making me eat more of everything else. I even had a ton of sashimi tonight for dinner but because there's no spicy sauce, the craving did not go away at all. T_T

Just finished re-watching They Kiss Again and then ISWAK. SO much Joe Cheng love. I find that Ariel and Joe's couple scenes are way more natural looking than some of the other dramas out there. The first season might still be a little artificial if you have a really critical eye, but by the second season you can tell how comfortable they are with each other.

This drama has been one of the most aggravating and sweetest that I've ever watched. When Zhi Shu's a bastard, he's really a mean bastard but when he's being sweet, you forgive him for all the douche-baggery from the previous episode. This (along with the help of Disney) is seriously gonna mess up my expectations for real men. >_>

Boots and Nails

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[Edit] All pics and no talk. LOL Here we go:

1. Do not watch Tree of Heaven because you got depressed from watching Stairway to Heaven. I learned this the hard way. Korean dramas... T_T

2. Hana Kimi had a shit ending but Ella was sooooo cute in the last episode's extra part. Chun said her singing is terrible. I also loved the making of Zen Me Ban. (Too lazy for the han zi.)

3. Went $15 over budget this month. That's not too bad, right?

4. Eagarly awaiting my SWIMMER headphones and my BTSSB stuff.

5. Can't decide between ice cream and bears or rainbows and shooting stars for my next cellphone sticky cover. HUGE dilemma right?

6. toisanmui's giving me only until next week to decide whether I want to go to China for vacation. :S

7. Then there's Mexico with my other group of friends.

8. I will be working on the weekend of Mtac. I can still make it but barely. oniwitch you better get back to me. Attending by myself is up there on the big list of the worst things that can happen at a convention for me.

9. Once you get me started on these list things I never shut up. -_-;;

10. My brother may be young but he is getting pretty good at the short and cutting remarks. T_T

Do you think you're anime? (Refering to the way I dress and do my hair.)

Put up a fight you stupid man

1 % of Anything is really boring. I started watch it during human hours and it was painfully clear that this drama is something I can only endure when I have severe insomnia. Terrible acting. Just terrible. Watching the rest of it is painful. I want tp punch this dorama in the face. >:/
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4:34 AM: Fangirling

Watched some Goong live action and went insane trying to read facial expressions. English subtitles plz. T_T

I got impatient and read the manga instead.

The king's feces is called apricot blossom. *dot eyes*

Goong manga is very a typical shoujo but I love it cause I'm girly. *sparkles and roses in the corner of the screen* ^^

I'm very happy because the last time I read manga it was xxxholic and it didn't bring out the WAFF (warm and fuzzy feelings). The anime scared me so I didn't try to watch it again. Those thin bodies in action gave me nightmares. *Teary lolita eyes*

Anyway, in Goong manga the royalties call each other "buttheads" and they allow yaoi jokes. Cousins. *smirk* Don't say buttsecks don't say buttsecks. Don't say butts...ahhh what the heck. BUTTSECKS!!11 =3

Also, patiently waiting for the English sub of episode 15 for Ouran High School Host Club. I watched unsubbed episode 15 six times. (By six times I meant I replayed the twins in bed scene over and over. Twin love. They do sleep together. I knew it! kawaiikawaiikawaiii!! *Nosebleed*)

Right now, the words are getting a little blurry on the manga I'm reading so I'm going back to watching PGSM - which reminds me that I want to watch The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift because Sailor Mars Keiko Kitagawa is in it. *Does the Mars hand sign with fire background*

[Edit] I saw the The Devil Wears Prada when others were rushing off to the see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was good. I regret nothing. :p