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Overdue entry

It has occurred to me that I no longer need be downtown on the weekends now that I don't work anymore. I will be in Toronto for euphro_syne's birthday but I think that's all for this month.

King City is quite beautiful and I can't wait for the warmer weather. I must take some pictures while I am here. It's truly gorgeous here and I should quit complaining so much. I'm probably just being bitchy due to the lack of shopping centres. Thank goodness for eBay! (I shall be expecting several packages this week. *excited*)

Friday night was...eventful. One of the RA's dorm had an "incident" with fire. Consequently, I ended up standing outside in my night gown, a robe, and my warmest winter coat for a good half hour at 1:30 AM. While the warm coat (I lend away the robe) worked quite well in keeping me warm, in hindsight I wish I had some pants on.

It was past 2 AM when we were allowed back in our rooms.

Okay, enough of real life (because it sucks).

I adore Catherine's wardrobe in the brand new PBS Northanger Abbey. The actress they chose to play Catherine is simply adorable! She's quite believable as a 17 year which is something that the older versions of any of the Austen productions overlook when casting. (Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma...yuck!)

Mansfield Park is the next one to be aired in PBS's The Complete Jane Austen collection.

[Edit] Checky this out: Men of Austen. Any surprise on who made the top? :D