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Overdue entry

It has occurred to me that I no longer need be downtown on the weekends now that I don't work anymore. I will be in Toronto for euphro_syne's birthday but I think that's all for this month.

King City is quite beautiful and I can't wait for the warmer weather. I must take some pictures while I am here. It's truly gorgeous here and I should quit complaining so much. I'm probably just being bitchy due to the lack of shopping centres. Thank goodness for eBay! (I shall be expecting several packages this week. *excited*)

Friday night was...eventful. One of the RA's dorm had an "incident" with fire. Consequently, I ended up standing outside in my night gown, a robe, and my warmest winter coat for a good half hour at 1:30 AM. While the warm coat (I lend away the robe) worked quite well in keeping me warm, in hindsight I wish I had some pants on.

It was past 2 AM when we were allowed back in our rooms.

Okay, enough of real life (because it sucks).

I adore Catherine's wardrobe in the brand new PBS Northanger Abbey. The actress they chose to play Catherine is simply adorable! She's quite believable as a 17 year which is something that the older versions of any of the Austen productions overlook when casting. (Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma...yuck!)

Mansfield Park is the next one to be aired in PBS's The Complete Jane Austen collection.

[Edit] Checky this out: Men of Austen. Any surprise on who made the top? :D

I believe this is called not making the best of my time or something like that

I should be writting my essay and documenting right now but instead I'm sneaking off to read my book in the bathroom. My roommate is probably wondering what I'm doing the loo for so long but if she's not asking, I'm not telling.

Reading about vampires vs putting sources into APA references? Ze vampires win every time.

p.s. We're having a dorm window war. I didn't start it but once it's on, it's on. :D
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Halloween 2007

I wanted to take some pictures for Halloween so this is the best I can do without a camera. My HP laptop webcam fails hard compared to my Mac Photobooth so I resized all the shots for better quality. The end result is a hunch of Myspace-like whoring pics. I can't do anything about the high contrast because when I close my window blinds the pics are grainy and compleletely dark but if I leave my blinds open they are like this. I can't win. lol

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Facebook - if I ignore it will go away. Currently I have 8 requests for varying things pending. I just can't bring myself to click on them. I am aware that it is infinitely frustration for my friends. Sorry.

Weekend overview


Finally, went to Promenade. I've wanted to go ever since I found out that there was a T&T there. And YES, this T&T was everything I expected and more! *rolls in glee* Groceries, yay!

Bought a lap top bag at Bentley's. Nothing fancy but it'll do. I can take my lap top home for my reading week (that's next week).

Decorated my dorm door for Halloween. I told my roommate that I just wanted to get into the holiday mood and am not really concerned about the rez contest. Half an hour later, she pops outside and goes "are you sure you're not entering any contest?" LOL Let's just say that I don't need to win but I sure ain't gonna lose either. >:) Unfortunately, my glow-in-the-dark ghosts was a fail since I realized that our hall lights never go off. I believe the dark part is necessary for the glow part. :(


Having to get out of bed on a Sat to go to class is just wrong. I might as well be in China.
The good news is that I passed the bed making and bathing skills testing. It went horribly but a pass is a pass. I love how I got the mean old hag and my partner got the perky student for assessment. Life is a bitch.


I think I overdosed on sleep today. I wish I spent all those nap hours as get-back-to-work hours. Too late to regret now. I have to study my ass off for two mid-terms and complete the first draft of an essay by tomorrow.
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I need new glasses and contacts.

Squinting my way through the week is getting old. This week has been utter crap for me. Last Friday, as soon as I knocked my glasses on the floor while putting on makeup, I knew it was all gonna go downhill.

Try imaging me feeling around the grey floor (which successfully camouflaged with the silver of my frames) with blush still in one hand and a blush brush in the another. I crawled around blind for about two seconds until I heard a loud crunch under my knee. Yep, I found my glasses.

Why does my real life resemble a scene from some sitcom? D:

I must have been too stressed to let the pissed off settle in because all I remember doing was mutter to myself.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting them replaced this weekend. That will not happen as I have stupid class on a Saturday! I also have to finish an essay by Monday. Right. It'll be another all nighter for me.

Thank god for tea.



I'm posting a quick update while my darks are still in the cycle. :D Tomorrow I shall wear CLEAN clothes. <(^_^<)

A girl from my program and res dropped by to steal some aspirin from us. She saw Mike He on my wall and fangirled then she turned and saw Fahrenheit on my other wall which quickly led to more fangirling. My roommate was like O_O and I was like ^______^