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Steampunk Romance?

I have been keeping on eye on this breed of genre for a bit now. I don't subscribe to any newsletters or forums that discuss romance fiction so I may be way behind in blogging about this new trend but "steampunk romance" has seemingly been digging its claws into the mainstream since last year. As far as I am concerned, anything that moves away from the vampire romance is somewhat a breath of fresh air. It will be fascinating to see what authors do with this.

I have to admit it feels a little strange to see romance go this direction. I have always associated steampunk with science fiction and, of course, fashion.

For reference here are some authors and titles that relate:




Meljean Brooke's THE IRON DUKE (also a relating prequel story in BURNING UP anthology)

There are also couple of YA books in the works but I am sure 2010 will be seeing plenty of steampunk on it's shelves.

Breaking Dawn xD

First off, this is my Rosalie Hale costume that I wore for the Midnight Masquerade.

Run down:
- Golden contacts
- Pale makeup with purple-sh eye eyeshadow (my sparkle!face shimmer powder didn't show up on camera, darn)
- Rose accessories worn on various locations of my outfit.
- Lion rampant lapel pin
- Little black dress with ruffles bottom
- Velveteen black blazer

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By now people everywhere on the internet are most likely sick of hearing about Stephenie Meyer and the newest and final installment of the Twilight saga so I'll keep this short.

I finished Breaking Dawn in approximately two nights. If it weren't for having to go to work, I would've just read it all in one go as I normally do with long awaited books.

All the leaked spoilers are now without a doubt, true, and perhaps twice as hilarious because this crack fic is actually published.

This book somehow failed so hard it actually wins. I don't think I have ever laughed so much from reading words on a page.

For me, there was a lot of contradicting feelings about almost every aspect of the book. Bella's character was a little more kick-ass than her old whiny self yet at the same time unbelievably Mary Sue. Jacob had some great snarky liners but GOD WHY? The whole Nessie+Jacob thing may the one thing that I cannot forgive. It says a lot about me that I can accept the pregnancy and the freakish vampire/human mutant baby but to throw poor Jacob in this fuckery? Even my rabid fandom cannot save this one.

All the loose ends ends from the previous books (aside from a couple of very minor ones) were tied up but everything was convenient to the point of being unintentionally funny.

I don't know what Meyer was thinking (or smoking) but giving Bella everything is actually not what even the most devout of fans want. There is an expectation for Bella to sacrifice something and let the story conclude naturally.

Breaking Dawn could have ended even half way and it would have made the book less agonizing. It felt like the book should have been split in two. First the arc with Bella's wedding and her pregnancy. Then a separate book to deal with the Loch Ness baby and the drama with the Volturi. As well, if Meyer cut down on all the boring fluff bits and added some more substantial plot I wouldn't mind paying for an extra hardcover in the saga.

I think the splitting it into two books would have also worked well into easing the readers into all those changes and how it is to end. Reactions to everything that occurred in Breaking Dawn could have differed greatly (with the exception of the Jacob's pedo imprinting. I will NEVER get over that >:/).

My random conclusion: if there ever is a chance that Breaking Dawn will be made into a movie, it could potentially be awesome...all that delicious gore and awkwardness. >:D

Touch the Snark

Rez internet is giving me some unnecessary stress. The internet was down all last night and part of today. In any case, that isn't what I want to bitch about today. :/

So last night I finished reading Karen Chance's novel, Touch the Dark.

It's one of those books that people who enjoy "the genre" keep bringing up in various forums and lists. I haven't been doing any reading for myself lately (damn you Pharmacology textbrick!) and was really looking forward to something new. For those of you who have read it or flipped through it, you may empathize with me.

Long story short: I finished the book in two nights and it was the stuff migraines are made of.

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I don't know what is is more frustrating: the elusive Rachel and Trent pairing or the fact that I have an Anatomy & Physiology exam in six five four hours.

Every time I finish a Kim Harrison novel, the whole Rachel and Trent thing -what ever the hell it is that they have- drives me a little crazy. Even the fanfiction I've read of them is a bit off because they're never in character and when they ARE in character they wouldn't be together...and I don't know if I would like them as much if they are together. It's as if you're getting at something that just doesn't work but you want to pair them up forcibly like getting a Barbie and G.I. Joe doll and mashing their faces together. KISS, DAMMIT, KISS!

(This is that part where I realize that my post will no longer be a short commentary on For A Few Demons More but rather a OMGLJCUT rant on every book I'm reading.)

The best relationships as we know are the love-hate and the forbidden ones. Of the multitudes of problems with LKH's Anita Blake novels (I'm gonna be fandom jumping a lot in this post so please don't start brain hemorrhaging), this was just another thing that disappointed me and the rest of the fans. Anita and Jean-Claude's relationship is now as dull and meaningless as the rest of the plot. Others may have held on to some hope for the series but for me, it'll take some time traveling and altering of events to where Micah does not exist and Nathaniel is not a house wife in purple undies and wearing pearls (LKH is seriously messed up).

Lately, I've been stuck on reading YA because TRUE LOVE and that teenage virginal sensuality is like my heroin. I think I've used the correct choice of words to spell out which fandom I'm referring to.

Virgin!Edward is canon but it is damn hard to believe that you can go for almost 90 years not being curious.

I may not be a human, but I am a man. 106 year old virgin. Does not compute. The whole not breaking the last rule to getting into heaven is such a feeble excuse considering he already feels eternally damned for being what he is.

I think it is the general consensus that murder trumps sex before marriage but then again I'm using real life logic. I don't think one little romp in almost a century will be the ultimate factor that is holding him back from the shiny land of angels. On the other hand, the whole self denial thing seems to be one of the major points in defining Edward. I'm as infatuated with Edward as the rest of the (young) fandom. I love him for being utterly annoying and always doing what he think is right and moral even if it goes against what he wants.

In all honesty, the tortured hero never fails as a fan girl magnet. *Cough*BuffyAngel*cough* It's always the extremes. The self sacrificial hero that never gets a break and the jerk that tells you everything you don't want to hear but ends up being right. I'm such a sucker for those archetypes, it's downright embarrassing. I drink up that stuff like I'm downing my second Red Bull right now.

It also helps to know that Edward loves Bella not just because she smells nice and all that Tua Cantante business. He loves her for her. *gushes* Don't you wish there is The One out there for you who accepts that you are sitting at your laptop at 2 am typing furiously and muttering things about vampires and still loves you for who you are, run-on sentences and all?

I finished reading Blue Bloods and Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz. They were surprisingly enjoyable. I had my doubts even through the first third of Blue Bloods because the whole rich New York society and brand name dropping just reeks of Gossip Girl and De La Cruz's other works. However, I got past that and even the past the fact that the protagonist is epitome of the modern goth girl Mary Sue (a Kate Moss look-a-like who is a social outcast because no one wants to get to know her past her gothic but somehow trendy even to the cool girls attire) to read this series' refreshing take on vampires and vampire origins.

I quite liked the use of soulmates as a theme in these books. The twincest thing wasn't even a turn off. Yes, I suppose it is somewhat interesting that twincest would appear in a YA novel despite the very reasonable explanation about past lives and fallen angels but I doubt the novels were advocating any disturbing ideas (though I wish the author would explore further on exactly HOW a twin would assume the position of a spouse without huge genetic and social fuck ups).

I'd like to point out here that all of us who used to be and still are fans of L.J. Smith have a soft spot for anything to do with soulmates. It's such a warm and fuzzy idea and makes the world a better place appeals to the masses who read for TRUE LOVE. *insert montage of The Princess Bride* It's too bad that this fandom is dying because of all that drama with Strange Fate. Winter of '08 maybe? I'm keeping my fingers crossed like the desperate and fan that I am. Sometimes it feels like I'm love sick. Please tell me I'm not mental. I already know I have OCD when it comes to my fandoms and interests. If only you knew many times I refresh my friends page for...perhaps it's better if you just ignore the last part.

I suspect that if I ever have any children I'll smother them with love 'cause apparently I have way too much of it to contain in my body. Either way, I don't think I'm very child-friendly. I'm the type to freeze up and get a panicked look in my eyes if you try to hand me your baby.

Since I went on a baby tangent, I think it's my body and mind's hint for me to get to sleep but before that I want to get a word or paragraph in about Anne Bishop's upcoming novel, Tangled Webs.

That excerpt she released was a blessing and a curse because I need more DaemonJaenelleSurrealLucivarandtherest. It is exceptionally painful for it to end right there. On another note, I'm a bit apprehensive about where this book is heading. Dreams Made Flesh was a good end-it-all for that series so having this pop up was a total shocker for me. I stopped following Anne Bishop's works after the Black Jewels because Sebastian just didn't interest me.

It's an odd feeling to revisit an old fandom when I thought I had good closure on it. I hope Tangled Webs isn't a giant piece of fluff for fans because there was enough of that in Kaeleer's Heart in my opinion. Obviously, giving fans too much of what we want isn't necessary a good thing because it starts to feel like fanfiction. All those quirky moments between the characters really offsets the dark mood of the series which had worked well for the trilogy because it deals with really dark themes like rape, insanity, and corruption of power. While I love these comedic scenes in the beginning of the trilogy because it gives readers a break from the darkity dark, I hope the new book doesn't overdo it. Ms. Bishop, please put your characters through hell for my piece of mind kthanx.

Alright, I'm done! I should lay off the energy drinks and get some cucumber slices for my eyes. See, I do have some common sense. :D

Good morning, all!

Eating really shouldn't be my default activity

Okay, I wasn't gonna write about this but since I'm on edge from all the sugar and caffeine (thank you, euphro_syne, Joy and Refresh were both lovely) I don't have control of my stupid fandom urges right now.

Kristen Stewart as Bella.

No. No. No. *huddles and sobs*

When this news was released on Friday, I got this sinking feeling at first. It wasn't long before the initial shock subsided and turned into something like having my heart ripped out of my chest. (Someone needs therapy.)

Logically, we all knew that Emily Browning and Gaspard Gaspard Ulliel or even my personal fav, Tom Sturridge, would never be cast but the reality still hurts.

Big stack of fandom.

[Edit] Colton Haynes? I think I'm gonna go throw up.

[Edit2] Okay, Colton is pretty good looking. I'm just being a drama queen 'cause my little fangirl dreams are being crushed one by one.

[Edit3] It's still in rumour stage right now. Overreaction is my middle name and, yes, I will STFU now.

This Witch for Hire

The never seen before cover of This Witch for Hire. It is SFBC's (Science Fiction Book Club) special omnibus edition of Kim Harrison's first two books.

Pretty cool eh? As for the next full-length Rachel Morgan story, A Fistful of Charms...it will be available June 27th. A couple of weeks after my birthday. :)

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[Edit] Apologies for this lame post. I sound like a advertising company x_x

I can't believe it

Old news but it still irks me that LKH's crappy amateur book was republished with a new cover. A sucky plot with one of the most Mary-Sueish fantasy characters I've read. A complete waste of my time.

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Nightseer is like a cheap whore in fancy clothes. Nice eye candy but rotten inside. Good thing I found that out early. >:/

I don't think I'm going to read Micah. Honestly, who gives a shit about Micah?

The Passion of Artemisia

Once again tucked into a warm corner to read instead doing what I'm suppose to. What can I say? I am weak at the scent of freshly printed pages and unbroken spines.
The Passion of Artemisia certainly wasn't on my reading list but I couldn't help myself. Essentially, it's a fictional portrait of Gentileschi, one of the few female post-Renaissance painters.
Ms. Vreeland had a great start but I feel the writing went flat near the end and as well as left out some facts. I enjoyed it enough, though I had a deep craving for comfort reading just to remind me life's not only about prejudice against women, rape, and never finding love.
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Dark Magic

Finished reading Dark Magic by Christine Feehan. I wish I read the series all in order but the availability varies for each of the novels. I just take whatever's in stock at the bookstores.
Also, I can't wait for Kelley Armstrong's book signing in November. The great thing about Canadian authors is that they're more likely to visit Toronto than authors from other counties. I've been waiting forever for LKH to visit my city. Sigh.
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