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So you stumbled onto my journal. Now what?

1. You don't need to ask but leaving a comment about how you found my journal will give me some context. It's confusing when people whom I don't share any interests or belong in same communities friend me.

2. I'm very laid back...but it's just a polite term to say I'm pretty lazy and will likely respond to your comments days after and you've forgotten all about it.

3. My journal is schizophrenic. I love things from fashion to books and will occasionally spam you with pictures.

4. Don't be embarrassed to unfriend me without explanation. I don't mind so please don't feel awkward about it. I understand.

5. If you are looking for any of my infrequent and crappy icons please head over to the secret stash. It's not here.

Thank you for reading and friend away~


Halloween 2010, new job, moving out etc!

Too busy to log on LJ much lest post here but I wanna get this one in because the last time I posted was on October 1st and now it's November 1st. >_<

Anyway, after two months of having fun and hanging out with friends I finally received and accepted a job offer that I am satisfied with. Up until this week my future is unsure because I have been very picky with finding the right type of work. Through it all, I was also questioning the intelligence of rejecting the interviews from other places. I suppose it all worked out for the best. I am so excited to move out April or May 2011. I've paid my deposit already so there is no backing out of it.

This past weekend was Halloween as you all well know. I spent most of my Friday and Sunday at oniwitch's place. (Saturday, I had to take took my dog the groomer's.)

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Re-vamping layout

It's October 1st of 2010 already and time for some change.

New layout courtesy of Fruitstyle designs with modified coding by me.

Theme style is Minimalism.

Icon sprites courtesy of lovecandied.com

p.s. Halloween is just weeks away, aren't you all excited?
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Steampunk Romance?

I have been keeping on eye on this breed of genre for a bit now. I don't subscribe to any newsletters or forums that discuss romance fiction so I may be way behind in blogging about this new trend but "steampunk romance" has seemingly been digging its claws into the mainstream since last year. As far as I am concerned, anything that moves away from the vampire romance is somewhat a breath of fresh air. It will be fascinating to see what authors do with this.

I have to admit it feels a little strange to see romance go this direction. I have always associated steampunk with science fiction and, of course, fashion.

For reference here are some authors and titles that relate:




Meljean Brooke's THE IRON DUKE (also a relating prequel story in BURNING UP anthology)

There are also couple of YA books in the works but I am sure 2010 will be seeing plenty of steampunk on it's shelves.